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The Buffalo Bills fans are so passionate about keeping their team right where it is that they're dead set against everyone and everything who would want to move their franchise to another city. Yes, that includes singer Jon Bon Jovi, who has been linked with a group to move the Bills to Toronto.

Per USA Today, a Bills fan group called the 12th Man Thunder has started an online petition to ban Bon Jovi's music from being played during home games because Bon Jovi's link to a group to move the team to Canada. Their efforts also include asking Buffalo-area bars to stop playing his music, and so far, they say 28 business have agreed to establish "Bon Jovi-free zones", according to USA Today. USA Today also reports that 3,500 people have signed on to help keep the Bills in western New York.

Oh, how far some fans will go to protect their team. Some fans are so loyal to their team that they'll apparently go as far as trying to get a certain musician banned from being played, and with some success as well apparently. Keep it up, Buffalo - I'm sure getting Bon Jovi banned in 28 businesses will guarantee that the Bills stay in Buffalo.

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