New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan is feeling confident in this year's Saints team. Recently boasting that he believes they will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the year.

"This is the year I get a Super Bowl," Jordan told NFL Network's Lindsay Rhodes on NFL Total Access.

Jordan -- who has set a personal goal for 16 sacks this season -- elaborated on his view of the future.

"Cam Jordan going back home to Arizona, Super Bowl in Arizona. We have the team in place, we have an offense, we have Drew Brees, we have Jim Graham now, he's happy, and that's a huge thing for us," he said.

While it is admirable to have so much faith in your team, let's go back to see how the Saints won their only Super Bowl in 2009.

1.) 2009 NFC title game was rated 3rd worst officiated game in playoff history. 2nd worst was 2006 Super Bowl between Pittsburgh and Seattle. The worst was 1976 Oakland-New England AFC conference matchup.

2.) Bountygate - Severely injured Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre, with malice.

3.) Intercepted injured Vikings QB Brett Favre under two minute warning when QB could not run for easy 1st down due to swollen left leg.

4.) Allowed Saints K Mike Hartley to attempt winning field goal with game tied(little or no pressure).

5.) Minnesota Vikings K Ryan Longwell was far superior to Saints K Mike Hartley.

2009 Super Bowl XLIII

1.) Indianapolis Colts Head Coach, Jim Caldwell was sleepwalking allowing second half onsides kick.

2.) Indy QB Peyton Manning threw perfect pass to Roland Harper. Problem was that Harper plays for the Saints,opening lead to 31-17 instead of 24-24.

3.) Interception prevented tie game which would have pitted Saints K Mike Hartley vs. Colts K Adam Vinatieri.

Advantage - Be serious.

There is a way for the New Orleans Saints to win the 2015 Super Bowl.

1.) Play all home games, including regular season. 49ers and Seahawks could come to you and win. You couldn't go to their place and do the same.

2.) Create a pay pal account for those who still think Roger Goodell will not find out this time.

3.) Buy some rosary beads, and start praying to St. Jude. NOW.

4.) Be thankful that you weren't drafted by the Lions, Jaguars, Texans or Browns. Those teams couldn't find the Super Bowl with GPS.

Paul Murphy is a freelance writer from New Hampshire.

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