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That other Manning is scared.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning admitted to the New York Post that he is feeling nervous about learning a new offensive system under new offensive coordinator, Ben McAdoo.

"Yeah, it's different. You come into the season a little nervous; you just don't have [the same comfort]. You have a good feel for it, but not to where I want to be. That's with repetition and more plays. It's a different feeling this time of year than in previous years. We've still got a lot of work to do and a lot to improve on to get comfortable, myselfself with my teammates and everything that goes on with being successful in an offense. I know we've got a lot of work to do. But we're excited about that challenge." - Eli Manning

All joking aside, it's understandable that Manning might be a little nervous, as he is going to be in the spotlight on every Giants offensive snap this season. He's been playing in virtually the same system for his entire career, as has a bulk of his supporting cast.

Manning's comments sort of remind me of last summer in the days leading up to Patriots training camp. They didn't change their offensive system, but had virtually a brand new cast of receivers sans a then-injured Rob Gronkowski, and everyone wondered how long of an adjustment period there would be. It ended up working out okay, and one would figure Manning, who had a terrible 2013-14 season and is often maligned despite being a two-time Super Bowl champion (yeah, I know...), will figure this out.

Manning also said his surgically repaired ankle will not be an issue heading into this season.

Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk has more.

How do you think Eli Manning will adapt to a new offensive system? Will it make him better, or will he have the type of season he had last year? Let me hear your thoughts - @JesseGaunce

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