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The Patriots training camp started yesterday and no one was more excited to return than veteran linebacker Jerod Mayo. Mayo who led the Patriots in tackles for 5 years straight , was one half of the Patriots defensive injury implosion in the 2013 season. Jerod Mayo went out last year in the week 6 victory over the New Orleans Saints.
Jerod Mayo via Patriots.com
It was tough to watch the games but at the same time I was pulling for those guys every week. I’m excited about being back out here now and I’m just happy to be here.
Jerod was very Belichickian when answering question, but you could tell he is excited to be back. The linebacker mentioned several times that this is a new team, new season and the importance to taking it one day at a time.

Mayo did have some good reviews about five time Pro Bowler Revis, who signed a one-year, $12 million deal in March after six seasons with the Jets and one with the Buccaneers:
He’s good; he comes to work every day. He brings his hard hat in the classroom and on the field so it’s been good.
He also had some good things to say about new fellow linebacker James Anderson who had 102 tackles and four sacks in 16 games with the Chicago Bears last season.
he’s a veteran and has played a lot of football in this league so I can learn a lot from him. He comes to work every day and studies well in the classroom.
Anderson will be an upgrade over cry baby, shit talker Brandon Spikes. When asked about Spikes Mayo shied away Saying:
I still talk to him but at this time I can only care about the guys that are here right now. He’s obviously not here with us now, so ask me about any of the guys here that are on this team.
I'm excited! with the addition of super talented players like Revis,Anderson, and Browner along with the addition of key injured players like Big Vince, Mayo, and Tommy Kelly, perhaps Rob Ninkovich was on the mark when he said:
"Definitely as a defense, we are going to be a better defense. But we have to put the work in."

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