Today marks the beginning of the 2014-2015 season for the New England Patriots, and that means that it is the first day of training camp! Patriots Life was live from camp all day today and has plenty to share for you all.

To start, lets look at Bill Belichick's press conference. Below is what Bill had to say today when he approached the media, and by the sound of it, he is ready and excited for football!

Now, EVERYONE's favorite athlete... Gronk

Yes Gronk, On the field and ready to play, and looking outstanding in the process. yeah he had some speed issues on the field but c'mon, he is coming off of a major injury, and besides the knee brace you honestly couldn't tell that he was having issues. He was participating in drills like a champ! If you don't believe me see below, these images show that he was here and ready to roll!

One major standout was Brady's talk about team building, getting the team to a new high, and quite honestly his lack of participation in some drills.

This brings to question one thing, Brady's mortality. Could this be the start of the end? Well Brady did look healthy, but Jimmy Garoppolo and Ryan Mallet both looked quite impressive all practice, completing a large majority of their passes with little effort. From what I saw today, Garoppolo has the makings of a New England Patriot, and with some work he will be great. He even lead goal line formations

Thats all from training camp today!

- Joshua Powers

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