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The ratings for Madden 15 are out and not all of the players are happy with their ratings. Especially the rookies.

Before they get too upset though they should read what Polygon.com has to say about last years rookies.

In fact, in the latest Madden NFL 25roster — this is the one reflecting players’ ratings at the end of a full season, the highest rated rookies were Sheldon Richardson of the Jets and Star Lotuleilei of the Panthers, at 86. And Richardson was the defensive Rookie of the Year last season. Eddie Lacy of Green Bay, the offensive Rookie of the Year, is an 82.
In fact just eight second-year players are currently rated 90 overall and up, and 13 rookies are rated 80 or better overall.

Jadeveon Clowney tops the rookie list with an 83 overall. With the rest of the top rookies checking in at low 80s or high 70s. Which if you've ever played Madden is to be expected. The video captures their reactions when they find out what their ratings actually are.

Typical rookies. Always thinking they are better than what they are. And whats up with Johnny Manziel thinking his rating could be up to a 92? Tom Brady is rated at a 93 so without playing a snap in the NFL I doubt you'll be anywhere close to his ratings.

Speaking of Brady, Madden has him and Russell Wilson both rated at 93, with Wilson making the jump up from an 89 overall last year. With no dominant performances and a Super Bowl win where his defense did most of the heavy lifting it looks like just winning a ring is worth +4 in overall ratings.

So what do you think, did Madden get it right?
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