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Rex Ryan is like that Ex that no matter how long its been just can't and won't stop talking about you. After taking last year off to come up with some more bold statements, Ryan has started this year off with a bang. With such gems as "We're a playoff team" or "I'm a great coach" and of course "We're not worried about the Patriots. They should be worried about us."

Rex Ryan means well with all of his statements and sometimes there is even truth behind what he says. But whenever he opens his mouth he always ends up with his foot in it(no pun intended).

While on the surface it has a feel of the kid telling the school yard bully "I'm not afraid of you" it actually goes to show the difference between the Patriots and the Jets.

The Patriots do worry about the Jets. Twice a year in fact. Bill Belichick is constantly reminding anyone who will listen to not look over an opponent. The "any given Sunday" mantra is true in the NFL and those teams that walk onto the field feeling like all they have to do is show up to win usually get taught a lesson.

Ryan is basically telling his team that the Patriots are not to be feared and as long as they show up they will win.

The Jets have the inferior roster this year. That is easy to see. So if they don't start worrying about the Patriots more than their head coach does, the outcome might won't be pretty.

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