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There are rumors going around that Tom and Giselle might split up. I don't think there's any validity to those rumors. However, if they are indeed true. Where does that leave the Patriots? Would it hurt our chances at making a run this year? Given the fact that this is a pivotal year for the Patriots and the Belichick/Brady Era. It is at least somewhat concerning.

I truly believe that if Brady were to get divorced, we would see every QB record shattered. Defensive backs would run for cover. Opposing coaches would tremble at the knees. Every game would be like the snow game Titans v Patriots from 2009.  Every play would be a flea flicker, statue of liberty play or some other diabolical play only Brady and McDaniels (offensive coordinator) could ever come up with. ESPN's Sportscenter segment top 10 plays would be renamed "Tom Brady's top 10 plays". The fuel and motivation that Tom Brady would get from such an event would be special. We might even see him grow out the luscious locks again.

At the end of the day Tom Brady is the ultimate professional. His personal life would remain private.  You can only add fuel to his fire and make him better. Never the other way around.

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