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We've seen this story before.

Patriots players were, according to Ben Volin of The Boston Globe, "pissed" about the Logan Mankins trade. 

A league source connected to several Patriots players used a “p” word that rhymes with “missed” to describe the mood in the locker room Tuesday. Many players still felt that Mankins was the best lineman on the team, the source said.

This reminds me of Rodney Harrison talking about how the Patriots players on the 03-04 team felt when they cut Lawyer Milloy days before the season started. Different time periods and slightly different scenarios, obviously, but that was one of the first things I thought of when I heard about this.

It even shocked one Rex Ryan.
“No way. Wow,” was his initial reaction — and while he showed admiration for Mankins, he didn’t bow down to him, either.

“He’s a tough ass,” said Ryan. “I like Logan Mankins. I’m glad that he’s not there. But we did OK against him.”

Not to repeat things that have already been said, but it's no secret Mankins was beloved in New England and had been one of the longest tenured members of the team. A Pro Bowl guard for six seasons, Mankins was as tough as they got. You're rarely, if ever, going to find someone who can play an entire season with a torn ACL and still be effective no matter what position they play.

They're seriously going to miss him from a mental toughness standpoint. And seeing as how he had been with the team for so long, it's not surprising for many players to feel the way they do, despite the fact they all know the NFL is a business first and foremost.

My hunch, along with many others, is that not only is this a move to fill a need, but its also a move to try and sign Darrelle Revis to a longer term contract. He's also being paid a lot for a guy who is 32 and declining (although he is still effective, and I think he will definitely help the Bucs).

Another factor that could have sparked the trade was that Mankins had been asked to take a pay cut and declined.

All this being said, no team is better equipped to handle a loss like this like the Patriots are, from a mental and pure football standpoint. I don't think this diminishes any hopes of a championship this season, but the offensive line has been questioned more than once this pre-season.

It'll be an interesting storyline to see how it all comes together now with Mankins gone. But this opens up the opportunity for a player like Josh Kline, who has shown some flashes, to take the next step.

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