Funny Aqib Talib quotes on upcoming game

After destroying the Bears, New England now are focused on the Denver Broncos. They will square off against a familiar face. No, I am not talking about the Peyton face! The Pats will reunite with former defensive back, Aqib Talib.

As the teams prepare for a classic AFC showdown, Talib answered some questions about his former team. Nobody captured his responses better than Boston Globe writer Jeff Howe (@jeffphowe)

Talib on being amped for the game

Reaction: Talib is a gamer! You can sense some nostalgia for playing in Foxboro. Honestly, I think Talib might be on to something here with strapping amp meters on players.

Talib on Gronk

Reaction: I love how he describes Gronk's running style being similar to a wild dog. Talib respects Gronk for being a beast. Both literally and physically!

Talib on difference between Pats and Broncos

Reaction: This Talib-ism is classic. Reminds me of something Yogi Berra would say. On the surface it sounds like a dumb quote. Beneath the surface, it is a brilliant remark by Talib. He knows that the Patriots do not need any motivation by other players. You are an evil genius Aqib.

Based on his responses, Talib seems like he still has some "Patriot Way" in his blood. Honestly, I think Talib has seen Patriot bashing by players backfire so many times. Either way, I have gained more respect for Talib even though he will be wearing a Broncos uniform. Plus, his responses were just priceless and comical. How can you not respect Talib?

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