Peyton Manning has no idea what it takes to be a scoreboard operator

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The Denver Broncos had the ball with under two minutes to go and leading the San Diego Chargers 35-21. Sounds like a time to run out the clock and be happy with another hard earned victory. Not if you're Peyton Manning though.

Manning was furious with the crowd noise as he and the offense tried to close out the game. As the Broncos took a timeout with 1:14 remaining he threw his hands up in disgust.

As it turned out, his wrath was not directed at the crowd or even his teammates, but the scoreboard operator.

Peyton Manning has gone mad with power! Last week it was planning his own celebration and then MAKING his teammates practice it. This week its him getting mad at the scoreboard operator for doing his job!

Manning for the life of him can not understand why he is playing music and showing players dancing and enjoying a big divisional win. Maybe that's because Manning has forgotten that attending an NFL game is an entertainment event. Us commoners work all week to earn enough money to be able to attend this event and as a result, we want to be entertained while we are there. Hence the scoreboard operator playing music and showing the home team celebrating on the sidelines. If you happen to be in the nosebleeds you can't tell if that's Aqib Talib dancing on the sidelines or the mascot having a seizure, so you rely on the big screen to see whats going on.

I understand this is Manning's job but this is not golf. There isn't someone walking around with a big "Quiet" sign making sure the players can concentrate. Its the NFL, some stadiums have world records for noise level records and they are proud of it! While the stadiums that Manning plays in can sometimes get so quiet you can hear Manning planning his next celebration.

Manning is a perfectionist. He wants every thing done right. So really the blame here lies with the Broncos organization for not explaining to their employees to check with Manning first on song selection.

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