Ring Envy: What Bears fans said - 10/26

Our popular Ring Envy series is a spinoff of the "Green Envy" series we run at CelticsLife. We lay out comments from the opposing team's fans during the game after a Patriots win!

We focus this weeks Ring Envy at the Chicago Bears fans.

Top 3:

Aissies of the midway

The Blackhawks have won more games at Soldier Field in 2014 than the Bears. Good stuff.

It's 2007 for the pats. For a day at least.

15 Minutes into the game...

Let the collapse ensue

I feel a blowout.

In fact, a blowout would be ideal. Give these mother****ing underachievers 2 weeks to think about how much they suck.

at least we are moving that draft pick up higher and higher!

This is sad

At least the Bulls play Wed

I hope this game won't be over at halftime

Best of the Rest

Trestman is such an awful coach, so tired of him


Bears' LBs and Safeties vs Gronk. lololol

Yeah, looks like the Bears are becoming a dumpster fire. I have a feeling things are going to get really ugly in locker room if it doesn't improve on the field.

NE is really not as good as advertised. I would not be surprised at all if this came down to the wire or we pull out a victory.

The bears defense made tannnehill look like Peyton manning. The Creampuffs of the Midway.

3rd and 19 we throw a screen wtf

Belichick could put his practice squad out there and they would light us up

Yeah I'm done. **** this ****. This is an excuse of a team.

I don't know whether to cry or laugh right now. I think I'll just laugh.

Jay playing like a pop warner scrub. What a flatout inexcusable play.

I had a choice between Brady and Cutler. I picked wrong. Obviously.......haha

can we draft a coach?

And Lamar hurts himself on a sack dance. Weee

Unbelievable Lamaar

Tell him to look at the scoreboard. Nothing to celebrate about. What a douchebag.

That game was actually worse then the score would suggest.

Did a fruity little skip and let all 270lbs come down on one leg.

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