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Yesterday, in an interview on WEEI's Dennis & Callahan Show, the New England Patriots quarterback said that he still wanted to take the field against the Buffalo Bills. Brady stated:

After the last few weeks of football, I’d love to go out there and see if our offense can put together the best 60 minutes of football that we’ve put together in a long time... We’ve been up and down as of late. We’ve got to start really putting some great football together here in these next [few weeks]. We got the bye. We’ve got to be able to win this week then we get the bye and then play at home. Hopefully we can take care of business the first week of the playoffs and then go from there

Brady made this statement before the Broncos dropped a tough loss to the Bengals. The outcome of next week's game against the Bills will not have any immediate impact on either team. The Bills are out of the playoffs already with a loss last Sunday to the Raiders and the Patriots will retain the number one seed in the AFC whether they win, lose or draw.

It makes sense that Brady wants to get in a rhythm with his offense before heading into the tournament. The Patriots offense has not looked all that great since their loss to the Packers.

Brady had a passer rating of 76.1 last Sunday, his lowest this season since the season opening loss to the Dolphins.

However, Brady was hit 11 times by the Jets defense. Sheldon Richardson was on him so much I wouldn't be surprised if he left an imprint of himself on Brady's back. With the offensive line struggling to protect the 37 year old quarterback it may be wise for Belichick to throw the rookie Garoppolo in next Sunday's game.

Do you think Brady will start next Sunday in a game that is somewhat meaningless for the Patriots? Let us know in the comments section below!

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