Peyton Manning holds a lot of records - most career touchdowns, most touchdowns in a single season, most passing yards in a season, and so on and so on. But he also holds a more dubious record - most pick-6's since 1998, with 28 according to Kerry Byrne of Coldhardfacts.com. Brady? He has 0. Chalk another one up for Team Brady.

Peyton added another one against the Cincinnati Bengals last night, one of 4 interceptions he threw in the loss. In the process, he gave the Patriots the #1 seed in the AFC and ensured that the road to Arizona goes through New England. And if the Denver Broncos somehow manage to make it out of the first round (easier said than done - Peyton is also an expert on 1-and-dones in the playoffs), Peyton will surely be haunted by the memory of his trip to Foxborough in November and throw another pick-6 to add to his tally.

Conor Frederick 12/23/2014 06:03:00 PM Edit

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