Doc Rivers invites Patriots players into locker room after Clippers game, run into Justin Bieber


The Patriots skipped a trip back to Foxborough and went straight to San Diego for the week in preparation for the Sunday night match up against the Chargers, and some players decided to take in the Clippers-Timberwolves game at the Staples Center, according to The Boston Herald.

Cool, nothing wrong with that. The Clippers head coach, as you may know, is former Celtics coach Doc Rivers. Rivers invited the players into the locker room after the game to hang out. What the players found in said locker room, however, makes me cringe.

He's a self-centered, 20-year-old punk ass kid who goes by the name of Justin Bieber. A photo was taken and has circulated around the Interwebs featuring Bieber, Jonas Gray, Rob Gronkowski, Darius Fleming, Akeem Ayers and Shane Vereen.

C'mon guys, you're better than that. If the Bieber Curse hits the Patriots this week, I'm going to start a riot.

On the bright side, Doc Rivers took a jab at many of his players for being Dallas Cowboys fans.

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