Gillette Stadium is getting a bit of a makeover

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Yesterday, the Patriots unveiled a new plan to exterminate about 1,500 at the south end zone of Gillette Stadium so a new lounge can be installed, according to the Boston Globe.

It will be known as the Optum Field Lounge and will be ready by the start of next season. According to Dan Adams of The Boston Globe, the lounge will feature "premium food, an upscale bar, private restrooms, state-of-the-art HD televisions, and 'media walls.'" Additionally, the building will be a climate-controlled open space with windows facing it, so fans can still watch the game from a field-level perspective if they so choose.

Patriots' senior vice president of marketing and brand development, Jennifer Ferron, says that the new structure will be exclusively for season ticket holders, but they're going to have to pay a pretty penny for a membership, which isn't included in season ticket packages.

Access to the lounge is limited to existing season ticket holders in good standing. A one-year membership costs $1,500 — on top of the price of season tickets — and you must buy at least two memberships. A three-year membership will set you back $1,250 per year, per membership, also with a minimum of two memberships, or $7,500 altogether.

This new building would be one of the first major changes to the stadium's field since it opened in 2002. At the same time, however, some season ticket holders with seats in that part of the stadium voiced displeasure over the move.

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The Patriots responded with giving these customers the first shot at purchasing memberships to the lounge. They were also given the option to relocate to a different part of the stadium for a lower price.

The team also announced that lounge members can access it before games begin, book private events at a discount and can go back and forth between the lounge and their seats at any time during their visit. Patriots cheerleaders and retired players will also make frequent appearances.

Sounds like a nice idea.... If it was about 75 percent cheaper. The Patriots are easily one of the most, if not the most expensive ticket in the NFL on the primary and secondary markets. But, they are quite the cash cow and people who can afford this type of luxury will take advantage.

Good on ya, Mr. Kraft.

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