Gronk poses with a kitten, via ESPN
Rob Gronkowski became an immediate fan favorite as soon as he entered the league in 2010 for his act both on and off the field. The unstoppable, touchdown-catching force is arguably the greatest TE the league has seen when he is healthy, and his boyish, matter of fact way of handling himself off the field has won over fans all across the country.

It's hard not to love a guy who, on a day of practice where players aren't wearing numbers, duct tapes "69" to his jersey.

I wish this idea was thought of earlier in the season so that "Gronkisms" could be added throughout the year, but here's a look back at some "Gronk being Gronk" moments earlier in the season.

-Gronk calls his offensive lineman sexy following 37-22 victory over Buffalo Bills.

-Gronk calls a Denver player an (expletive) and then laughs histerically.

-Gronk took Sergio Brown and "threw him out the club".

-Gronk hangs out with Justin Bieber in Los Angeles.

-Gronk tapes 69 to his practice jersey and of course thinks it's hilarious.

This brings us to now, and arguably some of the most Gronk moments in the history of Gronk. In an interview with ESPN, Gronk gave us more of an inside look at the life of Gronk. Here are some notable moments from the interview.

-Gronk told his friends Brady was mean to him.

-Gronk likes to watch Spongebob and do push ups and sit ups before bed.

-Gronk likes to snuggle.

Finally, we have the photo shoot with ESPN, in which Gronk posed for pictures with kittens. There is something hysterical about seeing a massive human being taking ridiculous pictures with tiny little kittens clinging onto him. The entire slideshow of photos can be seen here

There's no sign that Gronk will ever stop being Gronk, so we will continue to stay updated on all the quirky things that Gronk does.

Have any favorite Gronk moments from this year or years past? Comment below!

-Brian Thibodeau

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