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Most players miss practice due to injury, illness or a family emergency. Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount was in Pennsylvania today taking care of legal matters due to his poor judgement while a Steeler.

Last August you might recall hearing about Blount living up to his name by being in a car with then fellow Steeler running back Le'Veon Bell and woman named Mercedes Dollson (yes that is her actual name). They were pulled over by officer Sean Stafiej on a late August night. The officer could smell the herb emanating from the Camero Bell was driving, searched the car and found 20 grams of marijuana.

Blount was not driving the car which would explain the slap on the wrist he received from the Pittsburgh area judge today.

The possession of marijuana charge that Blount was facing has been dropped. Instead the Patriot running back cut a deal that will require him to perform 50 hours of community service by February 4, likely in the Pittsburgh area. An easy break considering what his partner in crime received.

Bell, who has over 450 rushing yards in the past three games alone, is attempting to enter a first offender's program. If accepted into the program Bell will be on probation for 15 months and have his driver's license suspended for 60 days. He would also pay over $2,000 dollars in court costs.

Blount's defense attorney has been in contact with the NFL Players Association and was told that the league will likely wait to see the outcome of the case before deciding whether to discipline his client.

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