Niners and Harbaugh likely to split in 2015

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Most coaches who are on the hot seat tend to have losing seasons or have a season so bad that they are one and done. That's what makes Jim Harbaugh's situation so strange. In the past four years Jim Harbaugh has been one of the most successful coaches in the NFL with three consecutive NFC Conference Championship appearances and is currently sitting on a 7-5 record Harbaugh is unlikely to be coaching his team in 2015.

It was reported by Pro Football Talk that the Browns almost traded for the successful coach earlier this year, supposedly offering two third round picks for Harbaugh's service.

Though Harbaugh gets the results he apparently just rubs people the wrong way. According to Matt Maiocco of

In speaking with numerous people close to both sides, the overwhelming sentiment is that Harbaugh will not be back with the 49ers next season. In some cases, perception becomes reality, and the endless stream of national reports of dysfunction in the locker room only builds the case for a parting of ways.

With his likely departure in the face of great prosperity for the franchise brings up an important question, "How big of a jerk must Jim Harbaugh be?". A pretty big jerk according to Mike Freeman of CBS Sports. In a 2012 article he rated Harbaugh in the top 10 jerks in the NFL writing:

Harbaugh is arrogant and just as sideline-angered as Schwartz, and his story about how the 49ers didn't really pursue Peyton Manning is actually hilarious. That's like saying you look at Rihanna and appreciate her eyes.

Do you think Jim Harbaugh should be let go? Where do you think he will be coaching next year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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