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Solder was simply decimated by whoever lined up against him in the first half. Whether it was Melvin Ingram head butting him or Dwight Freeney spinning around him Solder looked like he had never played in the NFL before.

In the first half the Patriots were in a 3rd and goal situation and Igram simply overpowered Nate Solder and reached Brady. He also hit Blount in the back field after hitting Solder to the ground. Ingram also made Michael Hoomanawanui look foolish by juking him and hitting Blount once again in the back field. At the end of the half Ingram had one sack, one pass defensed and one quarterback hit.

Right before the half the Patriots were in the red zone with a few ticks still left on the clock. Brady stepped back and threw a pass with defensive linemen in his face and the ball found it's way to Manti Te’o's hands. Once again Brady was on the ground.

In the 3rd quarter the Patriots offense earned a single first down, it was the last play of the quarter. Though the offense struggled Solder seemed to have adjusted and Brady had more time in the pocket. He was even able to block Freeney successfully when the Patriots were in Chargers territory, though the play ended in an incompletion and a Gostkowski field goal followed.

The Chargers recorded 5 quarterback hits and 1 sack on Brady for the entire game.

Though the Patriots adjusted and were able to keep Brady upright in the second half the Chargers offensive line never figured out the Patriots defense. The Patriots defense recorded 8 sacks and 6 hits on Rivers which contributed to their victory.

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