Darrelle Revis: "This is why I signed with the Patriots"

Revis is going to the Super Bowl (Getty Images)
When he came to the New England Patriots, for less money mind you, Darrelle Revis had one thing in mind: winning. This Sunday, he was able to accomplish something he had only dreamed of doing, and that is making it to the Super Bowl.

After eight dominant seasons, he had never reached the Super Bowl, despite his amazing ability. After seasons with the New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Revis finally has the chance to win the big game. "This is why I signed with the Patriots - to play in these big-time games and the obvious reason, which is the Super Bowl. Everybody stuck to our team goals, and now we actually play in the Super Bowl," Revis said following the game.

After all he is been through this season, and with rumors swirling that he wants to stay with the Patriots for the future, nothing could be more promising than him being able to experience what true success tastes like.

All season, Revis has been seen posing with teammates in celebratory pictures, with statements about how much he loves this team and the people on it. It is hard to see him not wanting to stay next season and beyond, regardless of what happens February 1st, because he knows this may not be the last time this team can make it to this point. That being said, expect Revis to approach this game with all of the focus and heart he can muster, because he wants to be a champion.

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