A new story is being spun in the sports media which puts the blame on deflategate on the NFL's hands. According to source from Jay Glazer the NFL set up a sting operation in an attempt to catch the New England Patriots red handed.

For the sake of argument (because so many rumors and speculation have been confirmed to be untrue) let's just say that Glazer's source is absolutely right. Does that mean the NFL knowingly allowed tampered footballs to be played in a game just to catch a team in the middle of the act?

The finger pointing keeps going from person to person. First, everyone was looking at coach Belichick due to his involvement in spygate. Then former coach John Madden opened his mouth and the media pounced on future hall of fame quarterback. Now Glazer's source is putting the focus on Roger Goodell. Then yesterday it was reported by betting site Sharks of Vegas that the investigation was taking a close look at the officiating crew of the game.

Personally, I just wish everyone would take a second and reflect. I understand everyone wants to be the first to tweet something or post breaking news, it's what we try to do here at Patriots Life. I just think before we label anyone a liar, a cheat, or incompetent we put this whole situation in perspective. We are all talking about air. In the NFL there have been teams accused of targeting other players' injuries. Michael Vick was convicted of murdering dogs, Ray Lewis's limousine was covered in a dead man's blood, and a slew of evidence has suggested that former Patriot player Aaron Hernandez murdered a man in cold blood. There are truly horrible acts that men commit and whether there was wrongdoing in the inflation of a ball is insignificant in the larger scope of things. Maybe Brady and or Belichick were involved in this, but are our attention spans so small that we need to assign guilt as soon as possible before we even know what the heck happened?

Personally, I enjoy watching Stephen A. Smith's response to Skip Bayless's accusation of the Patriots having a "culture of cheating". Bayless like so many others have already made up their mind of what the Patriots have done despite the lack of evidence and Smith shows not tolerance for this. I wish more reporters showed Smith's restraint.

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Benjamin Dawes 1/26/2015 09:00:00 PM Edit

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