Who was the alleged "rogue" attendant that Jay Glazer reported on earlier today? Was he deflating balls? Did someone from the Patriots organization tell him to do it? Was Brady there, smirking like Dexter? Well, there was an attendant who went to a location but he was relieving himself, not deflating footballs.

According to Pro Football Talk the employee in question went into another area, the men's restroom. For about 90 seconds.

Don't give up Patriots haters/conspiracy theory aficionados, there could yet to be more to the story. Perhaps the attendant went into the bathroom, deflated the balls, then realized there was a video camera, went to security, knocked out the guard, edited the footage to only seem like 90 seconds and then ran onto the field with no one the wiser. Or perhaps he already had 12 under-inflated balls waiting for him in the bathroom, he then switched the balls leaving the properly inflated balls in the bathroom for the Illuminati or Big Foot to pick up later and dispose of the evidence.

Just remember, the truth is out there!

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Benjamin Dawes 1/26/2015 11:40:00 PM Edit

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