There's no end to the madness spewing from ESPN. In the latest development, ESPN's Ed Werder wonders if the accusations will give the Patriots an edge, perhaps unfairly so. Watch the video below:

Let's start with the obvious: The Patriots are paying attention to these accusations, I'm sure, but Russell Wilson is right in saying that they don't need any extra motivation. It's the Super Bowl - the image of hoisting a 4th Lombardi Trophy is motivation enough, and if you need more motivation than that, then we'd have a problem. The other thing problem is this: ESPN was one of the original perpetrators of these accusations, and they haven't let them go yet. I have a hard time believing that they'll let them go, especially if the Patriots do hoist the Lombardi Trophy. They keep talking about how the Patriots integrity has been compromised, but in reality, it's ESPN's integrity that has been compromised. They've been jumping to conclusions for a week without any real proof that the Patriots are guilty. Basically, their mantra is "Guilty until proven innocent" with regards to the Pats.

Until this is all over, I'm sticking with NFL Network. At least they've been sticking to covering the game in an unbiased manner, and spending very little time on "Deflate-Gate," treating it like the non-story it is.

Conor Frederick 1/26/2015 03:02:00 PM Edit

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