"Fire Goodell" mobile billboards to be at Super Bowl

AP Photo

The NFL has had a rough year off the field. From the Ray Rice scandal to Adrian Peterson and now up to the fiasco that is Deflategate.

A lot of the blame for the trouble lies with the leadership of Commissioner Roger Goodell. His handling of the Rice domestic abuse case has drawn a lot of criticism.

With the biggest event of the NFL's calender set to take place this week, a women's group UltraViolet, has decided to take action to get Goodell removed as commissioner.

Goodell is feeling the heat. And with the NFLs bungling of the Deflategate investigation, he could be burning bridges with one of his closest supports and allies in Robert Kraft.

If he loses Kraft's support and he continues to feel pressure from the public on his handling of domestic violence cases within the NFL, Goodell could possibly see himself losing his job. With the way things have gone this year, it would be hard to argue against that.

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