Gronk takes responsibility for deflate gate

Al Bello/Getty

As the Patriots and their fans gloated over a decisive victory over the Colts a small cloud hovered over their sunny day. The New England organization has been accused of deflating balls in last Sunday's game.

Well, we have some breaking news. Patriots tight end and human juggernaut Rob Gronkowski has taken responsibility for deflating balls last Sunday.

But seriously, like most fans I'm so waiting for this nonsense to blow over. Ever since spygate critics have constantly accused the Patriots of cheating or unethical practices and this latest charge right before the Super Bowl re-opens an old wound. Fortunately the accusations don't seem to be getting to the Patriots players. As noted above Gronkowski doesn't seem to take the charge seriously and McCourty has made his thoughts very clear.

We don't care about it... We put so much work in to going out there and giving ourselves a chance to win and to go out there and win big games that we won Sunday. Whatever they want to create, that's for everyone else. We don't care.

This accusation resembles the spygate 2 controversy shortly before the Patriots faced the Giants in the Super Bowl in 2008. In February of 2008 the Boston Herald ran an erroneous story stating that the Patriots filmed the Rams practice sessions before their 2002 victory. The Boston Herald later apologized for the report after the damage had already been done. I'm hoping an apology for this latest accusation comes sooner rather than later.

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