Tom Brady earned his standing ovation during AFC Championship

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Tom Brady. A name that has been synonymous with winning for 15 years. In the eyes of Patriot fans, he is seen as a legend. His coach on the other hand, sees Brady as just another hard working, well prepared, and dedicated member of the Patriots organization. Despite Belichick's hardened view on his superstar quarterback, he still gives credit where credit is due.

The game clock had about 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter of the AFC Championship. New England had a sizable 45-7 lead over Indy. With possession of the ball, many expected to see backup QB, Jimmy Garoppolo, take the field. Much to everyone's surprise, employee number 12 took the field leaving fans perplexed about the decision. However, in a rare but classy move, Belichick pulled his hall of fame quarterback after one snap. Brady was immediately showered with cheers, applause, and adulation.

Was this move a confirmation that Belichick has a soul? According to ESPN's Patriots reporter, Mike Reiss, Belichick's reasons for the ovation were simple:

Tom deserved it. Nobody has meant more to this football team than Tom has over the last 15 years, Belichick said on WEEI. To have a 38-point win in the AFC Championship Game against a great team like the Colts, Tom's our leader, the offense has pretty much run through him for well over a decade now. This is our last chance this year to get him that type of recognition at home and I just thought he deserved it.

The record setting QB & coach tandem haven proven to be successful for many years. However, all that they care about right now is becoming Super Bowl champions. With Seattle standing in their way of happiness, expect these two to fight until the very end.

Not going to lie, this article gave me goosebumps and adrenaline at the same time. On to Seattle!

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