And on it goes. Fox Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer is reporting that the Baltimore Ravens tipped off the Indianapolis Colts that the Patriots were doctoring the air in game footballs.

Per Fox Sports:
According to Glazer, the NFL was already planning to inspect the balls at halftime, despite D'Qwell Jackson's interception originally being reported as the cause.

From the report, the NFL was already planning to look into it. The investigation is still ongoing as to how the balls were deflated, but Troy Vincent (executive VP of football operations) expects it to conclude by week's end with the Super Bowl looming next Sunday according to Fox Sports.

ESPN initially broke the story last night that 11 of the Patriots 12 balls were deflated, but it is still unclear how they were deflated. Personally, I still wonder how the Patriots are supposed to have deflated the balls themselves. They were checked before the game, then again at halftime. Not to mention the cameras everywhere because it was the AFC Championship. Maybe the cameras caught something that the league hasn't shared yet, but I have to wonder how the Patriots would have gotten away with it, and how did the refs (who get paid big $$ to spot this kind of stuff) not notice if it continued in the second half?

We'll have to see what happens. Maybe we'll get some answers to those questions tomorrow.

Conor Frederick 1/21/2015 07:49:00 PM Edit

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