New York Jets seem to be enjoying Patriots controversy

Darrin Gantt, NY POST:
New York Jets' Pro Bowlers Nick Mangold and Sheldon Richardson said after the Pro Bowl they weren’t surprised to hear their division rivals involved in another controversy.

“That’s the Patriots,” Richardson said, via Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post. “I’m not surprised at all. If they ain’t winning with controversy, they ain’t winning. . . .

“It’s funny when they say, ‘We keep it professional and clean cut.’ Because they don’t. They don’t at all.”

"If somebody enjoys the misfortune of others, then there's something in that misfortune that is good for the person," said study researcher Wilco W. van Dijk, adding that it could be due to thinking the other person deserves the misfortune, and so becoming less envious of them or feeling better about one's self.

In the 1960's, the New York Titans made way for the New York Jets. The name change was done following the 1962 season. The Jets would make their home at Shea Stadium which was close to Laguardia Airport. The World's Fair was to be held in New York in 1964.

Top moments in New York Jets history.

1. 1968 "Heidi" game against Oakland Raiders where blackout caused massive confusion for NBC viewers.
2. 1989 NFL Draft - Mel Kiper "It's obvious to me the Jets don't know what the drafts all about."
3. 1994 game between New York Jets and Miami Dolphins. The famous "Fake Spike" by Miami QB Dan Marino.
4. 2003 December 20. Jets great QB Joe Namath slurred his way through an embarrassing interview with ESPN's Suzy Kolber, "I want to kiss you." The response from Kolber, "Thanks, Joe. I'll take."
5. 2012 Thanksgiving evening. "Butt fumble" by Jets QB Mark Sanchez against the New England Patriots.

Gary Myers, NY Daily News:
On Dec. 6, 1998, the Jets trailed the Seahawks 31-26 with 27 seconds remaining at Giants Stadium. On a fourth and goal from the five, Testaverde checked off to Green 99 at the line of scrimmage - a quarterback sneak.

It worked and it didn't work. Testaverde and the ball were clearly stopped a foot short of the goal line, even though his helmet wound up crossing the plane. It was ruled a touchdown. There was no instant-replay system in place to review the call. The touchdown, with 20 seconds remaining, gave the Jets a 32-31 victory. Coach Dennis Erickson was fired after the season. In the aftermath of the game, Erickson received a call from supervisor of officials Jerry Seeman. "He said the guy saw the helmet go across the goal line and he thought it was the ball," Erickson said.

We didn't blame the New York Jets for the fact that Seattle Seahawks head coach, Dennis Erickson got fired. The fans blamed the NFL, and instant replay moved to the top of the food chain. The reason the general public doesn't root against the New York Jets is because they don't need to.

Nobody pays attention to teams with a 45.08 winning percentage since 1969(330 wins 402 losses). They don't discuss the 59 win, 62 loss, and five ties prior to Super Bowl III. Losing is one thing. Being irrelevant is "whole nother world."

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