Deflated NFL footballs
Part No. 9386903868423919 of Deflate-Gate has arrived. This time, it centers around Patriots players being asked questions about the controversy at the team's first pre-Super Bowl practice.

Michael Whitmer of The Boston Globe reports players were being asked specifically about air pressure, whether they think these deflated footballs impacted the game and how much of a distraction, if any, it's been for them.

It's been the only thing talked about in the locker room, and probably will continue to be a bigger issue than some game they're supposed to play next week. But, as per usual, the players gave very Patriot-like responses.

First up, Jonas Gray:

“I haven’t noticed anything different,” said Jonas Gray, who had four carries for 4 yards in the win. “The ball always feels the same to me. I’m always squeezing it tight. I don’t know a difference.”

More from LeGarrette Blount:

“I don’t know what the proper inflation feeling is, but it felt like a normal ball,” Blount said. “I have no knowledge of [underinflated footballs]. We practice with crappier balls than what we play with. I don’t know anything about what’s going on.”

Gray and Blount also added that they know their opponents know New England does things the right way and that they have a ton of high-character guys in the locker room, so it wouldn't be a distraction to them. If there's any team that I truly believe won't let this stuff bother them, or anything else for that matter, it's the Patriots. But I digress.

Earlier in the day, wide receiver Brandon LaFell said that he doesn't care what anyone says about him or the Patriots.

"They can call us whatever they want. We're playing in the Super Bowl. That's what we're focused on. We're not worried about what everybody else is saying outside this locker room."

And finally, backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo also spoke on the issue:

“I came from Eastern Illinois, where we had about four footballs for an entire year, so I’m good with whatever,” Garoppolo said. “You can’t put much thought in it.”

Garoppolo went on to say that he can't tell the difference between a few pounds of air in a football, adding "I'm a backup quarterback, man."

These are the responses that the world would have expected, so none of what is being said by these players is truly surprising.

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