Tom Brady says he knows nothing about what happened

Tom Brady spoke to the press for nearly 30 minutes today. Well over what he was expected to.

The topic, of course, was exclusively Deflategate. With the team swimming in controversy, everyone in the organization seems to be denying any involvement.

Coach Bill Belichick gave an earnest presser this morning, saying that he is never involved in the ref's assessment of footballs on gameday. Tom Brady echoed the same sentiments, saying that once he's given the ball on game day he doesn't think anything of it.

When Brady was asked if he noticed anything different between the first half (when the footballs were apparently deflated below regulation) and the second half, Brady said that he did not.

The Patriots quarterback reiterated that on game day he is more concerned about reading defenses and focusing on the game at hand rather than air pressure in the balls. It is not something he ven thinks about, he said.

The NFL is currently investigating the situation. A report from ESPN's Chris Mortenson on Tuesday said that the 11 of the 12 balls the Patriots used in the first half were found to be deflated. Surprisingly, Brady has not yet been contacted by the league.

Brady did go on to say that sometimes the most challenging things in life are the most rewarding. He implied that something like this can create even more solidarity in the locker room.

Is this a big deal? Was Tom Brady lying? Those are questions you'll have to ponder yourself.

As for if the air pressure in balls is blown out of proportion? Brady's response is pretty telling of what he really thinks.