Ring Envy: What Ravens fans said 1-12-15

Our popular Ring Envy series is a spinoff of the "Green Envy" series we run at CelticsLife. We lay out comments from the opposing team's fans during the game after a Patriots win! This week we are going to take a look at the Baltimore Ravens fans after a devastating loss. They can't be happy about this one. The Ravens fans were feeling very good about themselves early in this game. The Ravens fans were not quiet in this game, and gave a lot of good material. And man do they hate Brady and blame the refs for this entire game.

Hit Brady often! Knock out Blount like polard knocked out riddley and then game can be won!

Nice first play!! Who was covering Steve Smith? LOL


January Joe continues...

Fast TD drive, WOW! Aiken looked like Boldin on that

What revis island? Joke


A Ravens tsunami washed away Revis Island.

Where is the dang crowd now?????

Flacco is in the zone. Bad news for the Pats.

Playoff Joe is ridiculous

Belichick with the technology, hopefully it is not a spy device

Old man Brady... looking old...

Run game clicking and the Pats are dead!

NE is half asleep right now...I love it!!!

Now I am really thinking Flacco is the best QB in the league!

Steve Smith, that dude! 3rd down TD, insanely meaningful. It's so quiet lol.

He beat Revis...

Flacco is an ice cold killer...I love it

Haha. Tom Brady is looking at Flacco right now and thinking, "Man... that used to be me a decade ago..."

Brady is clearly flustered and out of his game

Someone cover gronk!!!

I hate when we play against gronk... He's so massive

Brady-Gronk scary

Brady can only throw to Gronk... otherwise he is very beatable!

Josh mcdonalds

I hate Brady

Seriously? We let Brady do that?

Come that's sad. There. Guys standing around. Let a turtle walk in.

Disgusting that we let him run a TD in

Really 12 running I would take 15 and hit him anyways

Belicheat gave the order to take out Steve Smith

So browner is allowed to start that?

Here is Belicheck's sideline fight trick!!! He does this every time his team is down. Dirty cheating Patriots!

Belicheck watched that last regular season game against the Steelers, and is trying to do the same thing with his little sideline fighting tricks to get the momentum back on his side! God, I despise that guy!

Man we need to hit Tammy

I hate that they can dink and dunk on us

Their gameplan is obviously quick passes but all of our guys are 10 yds off

There's the pass Rush! And shut up Tom

LOL Brady getting up swinging but I bet the golden child (more like infant) won't get a flag

Wow Brady acting like a big baby because he got destroyed

Brady crying to the refs again

Cry baby Brady has arrived

Throw a hissy fit

Brady is such a girl.

Brady hitting the ref when he freaked out but no ejection or penalty ?

Patriots starting crap

TAUNTING!!!! Get control of your team Billicheat!

Why wasn't Brady flagged for getting in the refs face?

Brady is not Jordan or Kobe. A mad Brady = ineffective Brady. I like it

Brady gets away with more than anyone else in the league. NFLs big baby.

They won't throw any flags now after the Brady tantrum... mark my words!

Gronk is killing us

Go at Gronk's knees

Without Gronk this team is a 1-15 team I guarantee you!

There's a reason no one outside of Pats fans like Brady...

Funny after Brady bitches to the ref all of the flags are thrown against us

When they score it is always so lucky

gotta credit the refs with that score

We are outplaying them but the refs aren't allowing the game to be played. Brady's cry baby session has affected and scared the refs into calling all kinds of phantom penalties...

Both TDs by Pats lucky in a way.... Not ours!

YES! Love that pick off! Keep Brady rattling!!

YES!!!!! Brady you're so old!

Brady pouting over on the bench...

Revis island is sinking....

Revis equals overrated

Tammy crying on sideline

Gronk on Mosley is a major mismatch. Should have been a flag

Get your mouth free of the Patriots candy so you can talk Collinsworth!

TOUCHDOWN RAVENS!!!!!!!!! What are we watching here guys?? Is this another magical SB run? FOUR TOUCHDOWNS, ZERO INTERCEPTIONS for Joe Flacco.

Dagger!!!!!!!! 4 TD passes from Flacco! Where the heck is ugly Heath Evans??

Forsett-Joe >>>>>> Brady-Gronk

The Pats are still fighting back. I'm still nervous. Please D, get it done!

A lot of Brady's passes are underthrown. Hopefully that leads to a receiver getting belted sooner rather than later.

Wow. Just give em the points. Ridiculous

Harbaugh caused the flag ugh

Time for a manure chant! Think he's upset because they're not letting the Ravens substitute. No clue.

So Brady can yell and scream at the ref, but the coach walks on the field and gets a flag.

They need to double Gronk.

I love how Flacco completed passes to 10 different receivers, but Brady is always leaning on Gronk.

I hate rob gronkowski

Getting outcoached right now

Why have all our recievers gotten hurt so far? Shady shady

Edelman Double Pass

You got to be freaking kidding me


What was that?

we got fooled

Trick plays are going to win them the game....wonderful

There it is... Teams have to run trick plays to beat us.

We got schooled

Never see us do a play like that

You can't defend that.... can't blame us on that one... sorry boys.... trick plays... ridiculous.

Belicheck gotta use trick plays to win , what a joke

Edelman with the flukest TD ever.

Back to the game

The refs are going to make the pats win this game no matter what..

Wow talk about a game of momentum, insane game

I just knew something bad was about to happen! Dang! Flacco why throw one at such an inopportune time m

BROWNER OUT... take advantage

No Browner, let's go!

Revis always holds

wow we got saved..thanks Revis

Thank you Revis & Butthead.

Flacco unraveling.

Flacco, this is your time to prove you deserve to be the best QB in the league

this feels like the last two playoff games we've had against new england...close and stressful

The Patriots have 17 rushing yds...and we might still lose...

Brady and company are about to fold like a stack of cards on this drive!

Setting up a Brady game winning drive. Need to get a stop!

There's no sense in bringing pressure when Brady's in the gun. Just drop 9. He's not scrambling

What are the refs doing? Ravens recover the ball and it takes them 20 seconds to call it. Turnovers are reviewed, lets see.

refs save the pats again!!

Up two TDs twice during the game and now we're 4 points down, not good enough unfortunately

So, we score a FG and their offense scores ALL TD's.

Joe wins this game and it absolutely ends the "is he elite talk" Period

no matter what the outcome is this was a hell of a game

4th and 3... Game's on the line here...

Elite Joe to the RESCUE!!!

Duron Harmon interception

Threw the game away. So awful. What was that?

Torrey smith is garbage. He could have got to that.

Come on... Torrey hit the defensive guy and stop the int.

Flacco what on earth are you doing there?! 2 on 1 and you throw it deep. Jeez! Bye bye play offs

Are you kidding me.....really

Now that is NOT clutch.


Elite joe.... Thumbs down

82 DELIVERS AGAIN!!! #Sacrasm

Thanks defense. Blow 2 14 point leads

Joe is not elite. And not to beat a dead horse, but look at the left side of the field if Joe runs...still this is on the defense, but Joe is just a top 10 quarterback.

Of course our "fans" blame Flacco like our defense didn't give up 35 points.

Wow........ Ryan should have been called for defensive hold. Torrey had a great chance of catching the ball, but Ryan grabbed his arm to prevent it.

Joe played B+ instead of A+, and that wasn't enough...

What do you guys think about the Ravens fans?

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