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After an amazing comeback the Patriots now know they will be facing the Indianapolis Colts in Gillette stadium this Sunday. Given the history of Luck going against New England it doesn't look good for the Colts.

Andrew Luck is 0-3 against the Patriots in his young career. Not only has he never beaten New England, but none of the games have even been close. In their three matchups the Patriots have scored over 40 points in every game and humiliated Luck in their first game with a 24-59 drubbing in New England.

But that was in the past and all streaks must come to an end (look at the last game in the regular season against Buffalo). The Colts just defeated the reigning AFC champions in an away game, so should New England be favored by seven points?

No, the Patriots should not be heavily favored

The Colts are a solid football team that have made it into the playoffs every year since they drafted Andrew Luck first overall in 2012.

This defense also held the Broncos to a mere 13 points yesterday and can pull off another victory against this Patriots offense.

Andrew Luck threw for 4,700 yards this season and had 40 touchdowns. When you have a team has a quarterback of that caliber you can never under estimate them.

Some may recall that the Patriots whooped the Colts earlier this season and that justifies why the Colts won't win. However if you recall the Patriots lost to the New York Jets in the 2011 AFC Championship game despite the fact that they destroyed the Jets in the regular season 45-3.

The Patriots should be even more favored, seven Points is an insult!

The Colts can't beat good teams. In the regular season they beat only two teams with winning records outside their division, the Bengals and the Ravens. The reason why the Colts have a good record is because they play in the AFC South. The Titans and Jaguars were are only competitive when it comes to acquiring a better draft pick. The Texans had a quarterback carousel and were without their first round pick nearly all year.

In the playoffs they beat a Bengals team at home, minus AJ Green, who have a quarterback who can't win a playoff game. Yesterday they didn't beat the Broncos, the Broncos beat themselves. Manning apparently tore his quad in December and it showed when he couldn't hit anyone deep down field. It also didn't help that Demaryius Thomas couldn't catch a screen pass if his life depended on it. I'm not saying the Colts didn't deserve to win but they had a fairly easy path to get to the AFC Championship.

Do you think the Patriots should be favored by seven points? Let us know in the comments section!

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