Sergio Brown wants to be the bouncer at the club this time

Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Near the end of the regular season matchup between the Patriots and Colts, a simple block turned into the block heard round the world.

Rob Gronkowski kept blocking Colts safety Sergio Brown way after the whistle, blocking him all the way back into the NBC camera. After the game, Gronk said that Brown had been "yapping" all game so he "took him and threw him out of the club".

The two teams will meet again this Sunday for the right to go to Super Bowl XLIX. And it looks like Sergio is looking for a little role reversal during this game.


I mean, it was a tough play. It was a hard play. I mean, I'm not mad about it. I was more mad about him saying he 'threw me out of the club' after the game. We just lost. Aw, you're pissed off," Brown said. "It's football. I know Gronk. He knows me, and, I mean, I play tough, too."

So Sergio, would you like to throw Gronk out of the club?

"Of course I would," he said. "But you know it's just football. I'm an aggressive football player and I would like to play well.

Brown has since been passed on the depth chart by Laron Landry so he might not have all that many chances to redeem himself. But for a guy that is outmatched in every way physically to Gronk, it sure would be fun to watch him try and throw Gronk out the club.

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