Add Hines Ward to the list of Patriots haters this week

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The Patriots have a lot of people rooting for them to fail on Sunday, with some Broncos linebacker saying he hates the Patriots and Ray Lewis saying this week that Brady is only as big as he is because of the "tuck rule" game. Now Hines Ward says he's rooting for the Colts because he's sick of "The Patriots are the best narrative."

I thought when you covered football at a national level like Hines Ward does, you're supposed to show a little more professionalism. If Ward wants to pick the Colts, that's fine, but his reasoning is ridiculous. The "Patriots are the best" narrative doesn't go away because it's true. 9 AFC Championships, 5 Super Bowls, and 3 wins in 14 years won't go away despite how Ward feels. Hines Ward's Pittsburgh Steelers have been up and down in the same time period, winning 2 Super Bowls in that span, but also going through some mediocre years as well - they really haven't come close since they lost in the Super Bowl to Green Bay a few years ago.

If he wants to pick the Colts for legit football reasons, that's fine, but there's a reason the "Patriots are the best" talk won't die down. They've been legit contenders for almost a decade and half now, and they will continue to be until both Brady and Belichick are retired. Sorry, Hines. Actually, not really.