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One of the things that makes the Patriots-Ravens rivalry so much fun is the hatred between some of the players, especially when it comes to Terrell Suggs and Tom Brady.

Suggs is a known trash talker and he has, one more than a few occasions, voiced his displeasure for the Patriots as a whole. We know the things he's said, so we won't get into that. Instead, he did something that might be a bit out of character - he praised Brady.

Per Nick O'Malley of masslive.com:

“We definitely got to him a little bit more than he’d like, but he’s a pretty good quarterback and he stood in there and made the plays he needed to make.”

Humbling comments from a guy like that. Earlier last week, Brady took the initial first step of throwing some cold water on the feud by praising Suggs, saying in so many words that he is a dynamic player and difference maker for his team.

Suggs was relatively quiet in Saturday's tilt at Gillette Stadium, as he finished with 0.5 sacks and two total tackles. The Patriots won't meet the Ravens in the regular season next year, so the only opportunity these two would have to jaw at each other in the near future would be if the teams met again in the playoffs.

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