Brady sidesteps IRS, Chevrolet giving truck directly to Butler

Earlier I had posted about how much tax Tom Brady would have to pay the IRS if he gave the truck he earned as Super Bowl MVP to Malcolm Butler. Well now he can avoid that because Chevrolet is going to give the truck directly to Malcolm and cut out that pesky Super Bowl MVP middle man.

CBS Sports

The company giving away the truck, Chevrolet, figured out a way for Brady to duck the gift tax: They're going to give the truck directly to Butler in a ceremony that's set to take place on Feb. 10 in Boston.

Unfortunately for Butler, he will now be responsible for the taxes on the truck which would come to roughly $13,860. But, that true American hero Tom Brady could once again step up and give Butler a hand and pay those taxes, which fall under the $14,000 limit for a monetary gift before you have to pay more taxes.

Even if Brady doesn't pay the taxes, Butler is still getting a hell of a deal on a new truck. That should offset the fact that he won't have to buy himself a drink in the Boston area for the rest of his life.

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