President Obama calls to congratulate Belichick

Photo courtesy of Mad World News

Being Super Bowl champs certainly has its benefits. You get to travel to amusement parks, dance on duck boats, have parades in your honor, appear on TV, and so much more. However, one of the coolest perks that money can't buy has to be talking with the POTUS. That's right, I am talking about the President of the United States y'all. The leader of this great nation!

If you are Bill Belichick, you are no stranger to the POTUS (can you tell I love using this acronym?) congratulating you on winning the Super Bowl. During the 2000's, he spoke with George Dubya three times. How many people can say that? Belichick had to wait 10 years to get his shot at the new Commander-In-Chief.

You can't help but wonder what Obama & Belichick talked about during their conversation. We all know that Belichick can be a bit of a chatty Cathy! Do you think that Barack poked fun at the play calling of Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll? Or maybe he asked for Gronk's number? Whatever Obama asked, I am sure Belichick responded with "We are on to Washington"!

I tried to picture in my head how the meet and greet would go down. If I had to guess, it probably would go down like this.... (cue video)

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