Darrelle Revis would "love to" remain with the Patriots

Revis is a Super Bowl Champion. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
It is what he came here to do. When he made his decision last spring, Darrelle Revis wanted to win a Super Bowl over earning more money. His wish came true.

An emotional Revis told WEEI's Mike Petraglia after the game that "I cried. I laughed. I cheered. I will probably do that for the month." He took questions after the game alongside his two children, decked head to toe with Patriots attire. But before taking to the press conference podium, on the field he was quoted as saying that he would "love to" come back to New England next year.

This week, rumors have swirled that the Patriots were strongly considering keeping Revis with his $20 million dollar tag if talks did not lead to an extension. The Bills and Jets both have, from "unknown sources", said that they would pursue Revis if he were to hit free agency. The Jets are currently in the process of being hit with tampering charges from Woody Johnson's comments regarding being interested in Revis.

After all we have seen from Revis, his talk of family, this experience being everything he dreamed it would be, and the ultimate culmination of a Super Bowl championship, it would seem likely that both sides can reach a deal. Unfortunately, Revis has a history of desiring the money, and teams courting him with tempting offers could lure him away. It is yet to be seen how much money the Patriots can afford to give Revis, while maintaining players like Devin McCourty, Stephen Gostowski, and Shane Vereen.

Both sides have expressed interest in continuing this relationship. The Patriots would love to have him, and Revis would love to play for a perennial Super Bowl contender. All that needs to happen is for the dollars to hit a magic number, and Darrelle Revis may remain a New England Patriot for the rest of his career.

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