Edelman verbally smacks Sherman during Super Bowl

Stephen Dunn/Getty

Everyone knows how much Richard Sherman loves to talk. He became infamous after the NFC Championship game last year with his interview heard round the world. Heck, even NFL Films created a video entitled "The Trash Talking Corner" about Sherman highlighting his verbal assaults against opponents during games (or low-lights depending on your perspective).

However during the Super Bowl Edelman was dishing out the verbal jabs just as much as the talented Seahawk corner as you can see below (at 2:50 mark).

I think my favorite part has to be when Edelman claims that Sherman is "too small". Julian Edelman is 5'10 and weighs 200 lbs.

Once the Patriots won the Super Bowl that didn't end Edelman insulting Sherman. During the greatness that was the Super Bowl victory parade Edelman did this.

I cannot wait for Seattle and New England to play each other again only to see the Edelman/Sherman matchup.

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