Jonas Gray says Seahawks final play call wasn't bad

Matt West/The Boston Herald
This is probably of no surprise by this point, but Patriots running back Jonas Gray said he wasn't surprised by the Seattle Seahawks' decision to throw on second and goal from the one-yard line.

We all know what happened next.

Gray, speaking to Dan Le Batard, which is anyone's guess as to why Gray would talk to that idiot, said the following:

“The two previous plays (for touchdowns), they had a wide-open Doug Baldwin in the back of the end zone, and they did a one-on-one jump ball with (Chris) Matthews,” Gray said. “I thought if they would have ran the ball and scored right away, it would give Tom (Brady) the ball with (two) timeouts. I was thinking they’d probably try to make a quick pass. I didn’t think run.”

There haven't been many Patriots players or coaches who have come out and said it was a bad idea to throw the ball in that situation. They won the game because of it, so of course they're not going to rip it.

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