Richie Incognito gets second chance with Buffalo

One of the most surprising stories this week was the Buffalo Bills’ signing of Richie Incognito, the ringleader of the bullying scandal in Miami. Considering all of the bad publicity derived from the scandal with the 10th-year guard at its epicenter makes this particular signing a surprise. I am a big believer in second chances. Apparently so is Buffalo, which recently signed the very bold and somewhat goofy head coach Rex Ryan.

It has been well documented that new Buffalo Bills' head coach Rex Ryan wants a 'bully." He need look no further than exiled Miami Dolphins' OG Richie Incognito. Following tryouts with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos, the Buffalo Bills proved they are not afraid to deal with the possible public-relations backlash. The first move by Rex Ryan figured to be a bold one. The signing of the 31 year old pass blocker with the checkered past figures to light the fuse in the "ground and pound" offense that Rex Ryan likes to employ.

This is the second time that Richie Incognito will be a member of the Buffalo Bills. Following three seasons with the St. Louis Rams before wearing out his welcome, Richie played three games with the Bills in 2009. The bullying scandal involving OT Jonathan Martin ended his tenure with the Miami Dolphins. CBS Miami:
Incognito had established a reputation for having a mean streak even before the bullying scandal. Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus once called Incognito “the dirtiest player in the NFL,” following a game against the Dolphins.

Lovie Smith, head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, “If you know my history, I do believe in second chances,” Smith had said. “To me, nobody should have a death sentence.” Lovie just couldn't pull the trigger on a deal, and Richie Incognito found no takers in 2014. Rex Ryan wants a lot of changes in Buffalo, including making the playoffs. The risk is only a one year contract for a motivated "bully." The reward would be a nasty, punishing blocker who epitomizes Ryan's vision of smash mouth football in the AFC East.

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