Aaron Hernandez tried to hook up with babysitter

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The babysitter for Aaron Hernandez’s family testified at the former tight end’s murder trial on Monday that Hernandez tried to hook up with her two days before the murder of Odin Lloyd.

Jennifer Fortier, 28, said in a Bristol County court that she and a friend were out in Boston one night in June 2013 when they coincidentally came across Hernandez, Lloyd and Hernandez’s barber. Hernandez convinced the two to get into his car and they drove to his “flophouse” apartment.

“I pushed him away.” ‘I’m your Nanny. I can’t do this’ said Fortier. The nanny for Aaron Hernandez and his fiancée Shayanna Jenkins, was able to fight off the advances of the former New England Patriots' tight end. She was handsomely rewarded for babysitting just two days later when she was paid $250.00 for only four hours of work.

In the murder trial of Odin Lloyd, many items have not been allowed to be presented or heard by the jury. The restrictions set forth by Judge Susan Garsh have limited the efforts of the prosecution to show that Aaron Hernandez illustrates a pattern of "bad behavior." The February 4, 2013 shooting in Florida of Alexander Bradley by Aaron Hernandez is one that was kept from the jury.

Shayanna Jenkins has worked to hide key evidence and has lied to a grand jury to protect Aaron Hernandez. The prosecution can only hope that she would turn against Aaron Hernandez because he was unfaithful. The babysitter, Jennifer Fortier opened some eyes. Maybe, even Shayanna's.

If one is to attend the trial, it is best to grab a program. There is a new player each day taking the witness stand.

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