Who's in on the Revis sweepstakes

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As free agency gets ready to hit full speed at 4pm today the one pressing question everyone in NFL world has is "Where will Darrelle Revis sign?"

We should be getting that answer soon, but while we are waiting lets look at who's in play.

So whats the chances of one of those teams signing him?


While Revis did play for head coach Mike Pettine while in New York, its doubtful he goes there. The Quarterback position leaves much to be desired and when was the last time you heard someone say "The Cleveland Browns are real contenders this year"


Not really a contender and they have hardly any cap space. So unless they are allowed to use IOUs to pay Revis, its not happening.


The Raiders. Well they have loads of cap space and they love to overpay for players so maybe, just maybe they pull it off but would Revis actually want to play for them? Who knows, money can make you do crazy things. But I wouldn't hold my breath if I was a Raiders fan.

So that brings us down to the two most likely suspects. The Patriots and the Jets. This is shaping up to be another pivotal moment in this storied rivalry. Another Curtis Martin jumping ship to go to the hated Jets. Or Bill Belichick resigning as the HC of the NYJs. I'm sure it was already painful enough for the Jets to see Revis raise the Lombardi trophy as a Patriot, maybe they get a little revenge by stealing him away.

Rivalry aside, the logistics of getting a deal done seem attainable for both sides. The Jets have ample cap room and can pay Revis basically whatever he wants. The Patriots have to release Revis by 4 today to get under the cap but once they do they will have enough room to re-sign him to a long term deal.

Its all going to come down to what Revis wants. To go home to New York or stay with the team that he helped take to the highest of highs and be a perennial Super Bowl contender.

That's the 16-18 million dollar per year question.

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