VIDEO: Bill Belichick irate over NFL's decision to not install additional replay cameras on playing field

Bill Belichick doesn't often go into too much detail about anything, but when he does, people listen. The Hoodie has been clamoring for the NFL to install replay cameras in the end zones, sidelines and other spots on the playing field.

The NFL denied this proposal and he went off. The video above explains what supposedly happened.

Once again, the league is trying to crack down on the Patriots. I can sort of understand making the eligible receiver thing illegal, but how would it harm the NFL to put extra replay cameras on the field? They have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it, and would probably have a higher efficiency rate when it comes to overturning certain calls.

Maybe the NFL has morphed into Jeremy Jacobs pre-NHL salary cap. Who knows? Are they denying this request simply because it's Belichick, or are they doing it because they don't care about getting more calls right? Can't wait to hear the logic behind this one.

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