Mike Cole, NESN:
Darrelle Revis won’t give specifics, but he’s making it clear that the New England Patriots’ offer wasn’t near what he wanted.

Revis and the Patriots parted ways after one very successful season together when the cornerback decided to return to the New York Jets on a five-year, $70 million agreement. The deal with the Jets reportedly guarantees Revis $39 million, which apparently is a lot more than the Patriots were willing to give him.

“I’m not going to speak (about) the numbers, but I had the option, the $20 million option, that they could’ve exercised and they didn’t,” Revis told Kay per Boston.com.

It looks as though everybody has moved on. Darrelle Revis is with the Jets. Bob Kraft says Patriots made a competitive offer, and Bill Belichick says losing Revis is no big deal. It is just another day in the life for the AFC combatants.

For a player who lives for the next contract, Darrelle Revis has the system down pat. In his nine year career with three NFL teams, Darrelle has negotiated a rookie deal, two holdouts, a forced trade, a two year deal that was actually one, and now a return to the original team that drafted him.

In dealing with Darrelle Revis in contract negotiations, one does not need an arbiter, but an auctioneer. If the New York Jets pledge $39 million guaranteed, do I hear $40 million?

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