Chris Simms trying to think of 5
quarterbacks better than Tom Brady

Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms, son of Phil Simms, spent most of his time in the NFL as a back up. And with so much time spent being a non top-5 quarterback in the league he feels like he is an expert at decided who isn't.

Simms said back in November that Tom Brady isn't one of those top five quarterbacks.

Well whether its pride, stubbornness or just plain stupidity, Simms is back at it. This time saying that Tom Brady didn't deserve the Super Bowl MVP award after he went 37-50 for 328 yards and 4 touchdowns on the number one defense in the league.

The DA Show

I wasn’t wrong,” Simms said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “He’s still not a top-five quarterback in the NFL. He’s really awesome, don’t get me wrong. He’s one of the three greatest quarterbacks all-time. I take a lot of flak for this, and people don’t realize how much I actually love the guy. I have his autograph in my room on a helmet. That’s how much I really love Tom Brady. But to say he’s one of the five best quarterbacks in the NFL at this point in his career? No. I don’t think he should have won the MVP, either. That’s just the way I think about it. He had a really good game against a really good defense, but he threw like 35 five-yard passes the whole game. I think in my estimation, (Julian) Edelman should have been the MVP

By Simms' estimation, Brady's job of being accurate with the football and taking what Seattle's defense gave him shouldn't have been worthy of being the Super Bowl MVP. Simms' expectations of a top five quarterback to force the ball down field with every snap. Which is exactly what Seattle's defense is built to stop. That might also explain why Simms threw more interceptions than touchdowns in his short career.

What five quarterbacks would Simms put over Brady?

CBS Boston

I’d go Aaron Rodgers one, Andrew Luck two, Ben Roethlisberger three, Russell Wilson four and Peyton five.

Brady played against four of Simms top five last year, including Andrew Luck twice. He finished with a record of 4-1 with the offense averaging 35.8 points per game.

I'm not sure what Brady could do to get Simms to put him in his top five again. You would think that coming off a season leading his team to 12-4 record, 4th highest scoring team in the league and ending the year by throwing for over 300 yards on a defense that hadn't allowed a 300 yard passing game all season in route to hoisting a Lombardi Trophy would be enough.

But when you're as dumb and prideful as Simms is, cold hard facts and common sense don't mean much.

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