Matt Cassel going to the Bills could make them playoff contenders?

Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images
Kyle Rudolph, ex-teammate of Matt Cassel, believes Matt has what it takes to help the Buffalo Bills make a playoff push. Per

"He will be a locker room favorite and a guy who gives them a chance to make a playoff run," Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph wrote in a text to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

I'm not so sure. The Bills have been making some noise as of late, trading for LeSean McCoy and now Cassel, but is it enough? Maybe for a Wild Card spot. Key word being maybe. I'm not convinced they can win the division when you have the greatest head coach/quarterback combination in the same division. Wilfork or no, the Patriots will still be too formidable to overcome to win the division, but I do think that they have enough to make a push for a Wild Card. If they can get the most out of Shady McCoy, then the Bills could make some noise.

Good luck beating Tom Brady, though.