Shane Vereen lowers demand to $3.5 million per year

Shane Vereen catches 11 passes in Super Bowl XLIX. His salary demands jump to $5 million per year after the miraculous win over the Seattle Seahawks. Now, it moves back to $3.5 million per year. The 2014 NFL salary was $589,650.00 for the fourth year running back from the University of California.

Upon further review, 391 yards rushing, 52 receptions for 447 yards with five touchdowns gets one a 600% raise. The New York Giants have an opening for Vereen to be in the two back set with RB Ben McAdoo and QB Eli Manning. The Detroit Lions have a bare cupboard with the release of RB Reggie Bush.

It is hard to believe any NFL team, no matter how desperate they may appear, would pay a non-featured running back such an exorbitant amount of money. " It never hurts to ask, though."

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