With the owners meetings happening in Phoenix and Deflate-Gate still unresolved, it has jumped back into the forefront of the news cycle.

Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston gives his take on when and what he thinks will come of the Ted Wells investigation.

In this video, Reiss explains how he feels that the investigation will end up as a fine for the Patriots.

As Reiss explains, it looks as if there isn't solid proof that these footballs were deliberately deflated, but since they were used in the game, whether by accident or not doesn't matter, there will be some sort of punishment. Most likely a fine.

The most interesting thing to look for in the Wells report will be the investigation into how the league handled the situation. Assuming that will even be included. But at this point, with all the theories of a "sting" operation and vendetta's being held by certain league officials handling the investigation(Mike Kensil), the Wells report would be remiss if they omitted that from the final draft.

The league has had a rough year. It started off with the Ray Rice scandal and ended with Deflate-Gate. It doesn't matter what side you are on to be able to admit that the league has not handled this type of matter in the proper way and if it is not addressed then they are doomed to repeat their follies the next time.

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